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         The Montrose Wedding Guide/Planner is a guide to assist you in coordinating your wedding day and

ensures  you will have the most wonderful day with your loved one that you both have been looking forward to. We

have the best of the best for where to select the perfect formalwear, the most beautiful floral arrangements,

photographers, music, caterers, location of your ceremony, limousine services and more.

     We look forward to assisting you plan for this exciting day to share with your family and closest friends, and

we commit to providing you with exceptional service.  The Montrose Wedding Guide/Planner offers a wide variety

of professional services that will assist you in making your wedding day complete. Our guide consists of:

     Personal Wedding Planners, Location of Your Wedding, where to order Flowers, Rentals & Décor.  A guide in

selecting the perfect Formalwear, Wedding Cake and Invitations.  And of course the right person for the

Videography, Photography, Clergy, Catering, Limousine Service, Travel, and where to go on your Honeymoon!

Marriage License

Montrose County Clerk 320 So. 1St St Montrose, CO 81401 970-249-3362



Telluride Wedding and Special Events   Premium Sponsor


147 Hillside Lane, Telluride, CO   81435    970-729-0512

"Telluride Weddings is here ready to take your plans from any point to finish and see that all of your wedding dreams

come true."







Jeremy Baron- Telluride Wedding Photographers-
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Signed contracts in January receive a FREE online web gallery of entire wedding for family and friends!

(415) 867-6484 call today! Gallery will be posted within 5 business days of the wedding!










Live  Premium Sponsor

Live will travel the globe to broadcast your wedding live on the internet. A

simple "webcast",  we have produced and broadcast over 80 weddings. Broadcast your

wedding from Telluride to your family and friends back  home. Visit our website,   Book early!  970-729-3474




El Dorado Bakery & Cafe (970) 249-8880

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Alpine Floral Inc - - (970) 249-3545

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lluminating Grooves - - (970) 234-0316

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Party Town - - (970) 249-7278

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Lasting Memories Bridal & Formal Wear (970) 249-9787





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Live Streamed Weddings    Premium Sponsor


Live wedding streamed over the internet to the loved ones that cannot attend.  Secure, private.

 Podcasts also available.  On-demand rebroadcasts.  Call to reserve a date. 





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  Helpful Wedding Tips:

Creating Personal Traditions:
Writing your own wedding vows may suit your personal wedding style, but it can be a bit of a daunting task to begin

with. If you are trying to write your own vows, don’t let the task overwhelm you or intimidate you. Writing your own

vows should begin and end with how you feel, not what others are expecting. If you are creating your own wedding

ceremony  and style and you want to write your own vows, here are a few questions to consider in creating the

vows you want to make.

When and where did you first meet?
What was the state of your life before the two of you met?
At what point did you realize you were in love? Describe the feeling.
What inspires you about your loved one?
What life goals and dreams do you share?
What have you learned from each other?
What qualities make your love unique? What qualities will keep it strong?
How has your view of the world changed since you fell in love?
What do you most look forward to about life with this person?
What are some special moments in your relationship? Use them all, even the sad times as well as the happy,

moving,  or profound.
What happened the day you asked her to marry you? How did you feel?
Reading the vows you have written yourself during your wedding ceremony can be one of the most romantic things

you’ve ever done. It’s the kind of thing that really helps you create your own personal wedding style. Writing your own

vows is a kind of personal touch that cannot be replicated by any other style of vow.


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   Tucson, Arizona  True to its Old West beginnings, Tucson's history is peopled with visionaries, opportunists and free-thinkers of every stripe. Over the years, the city has flown the flags of three different countries and both sides in the Civil War. Tucson's first inhabitants roamed the area hunting mammoth and bison between 12,500 and 6,000 B.C. Following them were the Cochise culture, who built pit houses and used stone tools, and the Hohokam, who began farming the valley floor in 300 A.D.

In 1692, Spanish missionaries, looking for souls to convert and subjects for the king, arrived in the valley to find the Indian village S-tukson ("black base"). In 1775, the Spanish built an outpost, the Presidio of San Augustin.

By 1804, some 1,000 people lived in the dusty adobe village - mostly Spanish, Mexicans, and Native Americans who made their living raising crops and livestock. They had little contact with the outside world. After the Mexican Revolution of 1821, Tucson became part of Mexico. As trade opened between the East Coast and California, a new brand of Americans - trappers and traders - began traveling through Arizona.

The discovery of gold in California in 1848 brought even more outsiders to the region - an influx of Easterners seeking their future in the mines. Some saw opportunity in the rough frontier town of Tucson and stayed to begin families.

Looking for a southern rail route, the U.S. negotiated the Gadsden Purchase with Mexico in 1854 and Arizona became a U.S. territory. The appeal of the area was not apparent to everyone. Several congressmen suggested the nation pay Mexico double the sale price to take Arizona back.

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